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Here’s a VERY EASY Solution to the Mystery of Why You Can’t Find Employees

Start offering additional money and better benefits.

A couple of years ago we decided to put the house on the market. It had been an older home with lots of space and a lot of memories. But, like any older house, in addition, it had its share of maintenance and structural problems. We fretted that it wouldn’t sell. That’s, until our agent put things into perspective.

"Look," he thought to us as we were putting the paperwork together. "In the event that you list the home for $1, it’ll sell tomorrow. In the event that you list it for $1 million, you will possibly not have a buyer. We have to find a price among."

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Here’s a Technique for This Year: HESITATE

Should you have no fear, you haven’t experienced business long enough to learn better.

Monday, January 2nd was any occasion for many people. And hey, you will want to? The government was closed. So were schools. It had been your day after New Year’s Day and because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday most companies were also closed. However, not for some companies I understand.

Some employees at larger companies slept in and enjoyed the previous few moments of their hard earned holiday break, all over my city some businesses and restaurants opened their doors. I saw coffee shops, dry cleaners, barbers, nail salons – a good pet supplies and a shoe repair store using its lights on. I also saw a few familiar street vendors at their usual place. Remember – this is on January 2nd, a Federal holiday and school holiday where most offices in the town were shut. But these folks were working. Why? I understand why.

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Here is a New Way to handle Angry Online Customers

We you live in an environment of ever-increasing speed where businesses can’t help but turn into a bit more transactional. With a wide variety of ways for clients to attain us today, we need to be watching and hearing what seems as an endless number of channels for social and traditional communication. Because so many choices can be found to us, we, as businesses, can also explore customer support beyond the traditional telephone call and online support.

While businesses have always had to cope with dissatisfied customers, the introduction of Internet, social media and mobile has completely changed just how they share their complaints. People no more use private calls, letters or long emails to be heard. Instead, they broadcast your failure as a brand in big, bold letters on multilple web sites — be it a Facebook status, a forum thread or a post. This type of sharing could cause immeasurable harm to a brand.

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Here’s a SMART WAY to Awaken Your Stagnating Retail Brand

I’m in an OEM business. OEM, this means original equipment manufacturer, designates a company which makes a component or subsystem found in another company’s end product. Inside our case, we develop wholesale electronic products, such as for example Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets and home-automation devices for various brands and retailers.

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We also sell a few of our products direct to consumers. And, since we design, manufacture, market and ship our products ourselves, you can expect remarkably good deal points. Consequently, a few of my OEM clients have complained that we’re killing their market and that people have to lower our wholesale prices if not raise our consumer direct prices. The reason why? Simply put: They can not compete.

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Here is a Crazy Idea: Let’s NOT ONLY Concentrate on Profits

LinkedIn Influencer, Barry Salzberg, published this post originally on LinkedIn.

Last week’s World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos gave leaders from politics, business, and civil society the opportunity to connect on critical issues. This year’s theme and focus for the forum, "THE BRAND NEW Global Context," represented a crucial issue for the business enterprise landscape and really should resonated with attendees because they debated the huge transformations resetting how exactly we operate.

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Here is a Dog Collar That Lets Humans Train Man’s Best Friend From Anywhere

Let’s face it, running a dog is a significant commitment. They constantly need our attention and care. And we wish to know where they are and what they’re up to always. If Fido is gnawing on my slippers again…

Very good news: You can now monitor your pup, and even bark commands to him from afar because of WÜF, a fresh, two-way communication “smart” dog collar. Insert sigh of relief.

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Here is a Clever Marketing Tactic so you can get the Attention of A large number of People

When everybody is watching or discussing a similar thing, tweet your way in to the action.

Free Book Preview Ultimate Guide to SOCIAL MEDIA

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Injecting your articles into trending news could be a great tool to improve your exposure and following, but be cautious — it could make or break your strategy. Understand how to "newsjack" properly before aiming upon this risky, yet rewarding method of promotion.

What’s newsjacking?

Newsjacking is benefiting from another big story or breaking news by incorporating it directly into your articles. It’s pretty popular and it’s clear why: whenever you will find a trending hashtag on social media or a spike in looks for articles about another big story, your articles has a potential for getting back in front of the individuals who otherwise wouldn’t see your messages.

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Hack Your HR: 5 Key Pre-Hire Tests for Employee Success

Know who you are inviting into your business.

I’m an automobile guy. I’ve owned all sorts, from the latest-and-greatest to classics. If there’s a very important factor I’ve learned through the years it’s this: just what a car appears like gives no indication of what sort of car runs. It is advisable to look beneath the hood, or you’re setting yourself up to get a lemon.

The same holds true when hiring new employees. Maybe a lot more so.

After 16 years of running my very own business, one truth has emerged — it is advisable to “pop the hood” on your own prospective employees before hiring them, and adding tests in to the screening process is a good way I’ve found to accomplish it.

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Hack the Formula for Success With Better Decision Making

As a business owner, you have limited time and resources. And that means you must make well-informed decisions that invite action and let you accomplish a few goals simultaneously.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, producer J.J. Abrams and singer-songwriter Skrillex were all relatively unknown before they shortened their paths to success, by leveraging what that they had to produce a greater impact with their actions and re-engineering the momentum to understand long-term results.

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Hack PR for Your Startup With These 5 Tools

Apparently, you can hack anything nowadays. I just read articles that taught me 9 Hacks to Making a Sandwich Faster. (Don’t ask why I read it, it just sucked me in. Plus, who doesn’t want to consume anything sooner?)

Press is cool because you never know who’s likely to read or view it. The proper press can do wonders for your startup. You need to use it to create mass exposure, leverage it for more press also to build company credibility.

I’ve some friends that landed on TechCrunch, and during that press, they were in a position to land a seven-figure investment from an extremely notable venture capitalist in the Valley (that is obviously the exception, not typical).

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