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These Angel Investors Want to create Bitcoin ‘Sexy’ for Average People

At the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, Calif., last May, Michael Terpin noticed something missing. At the conference, digital wallet and Bitcoin exchange service Coinbase had announced a $6.1 million Series A round led by Union Square Ventures. But while capital raising firms such as for example Union Square had begun to create big investments in Bitcoin startups, no band of angel investors — who are often the first ever to give promising early-stage companies a financial boost — had risen to support this growing community.

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These Airlines Now Allow Personal GADGETS

This story originally appeared on CNBC

One at a time, airlines have begun allowing passengers to expand the usage of personal electronic devices because the Federal Aviation Administration said it could start approving applications. Up to now, only a small number of airlines have the all-clear, plus some have significantly more exceptions than others.

US Airways and United will be the latest to secure approval from the FAA.

US Airways on Nov. 7 said "customers on US Airways domestic mainline flights will now be permitted to use small PEDs during all phases of flight." Its US Airways Express flights don’t have FAA approval.

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These Absolutely Frightening Robots OFFERS YOU Nightmares

They’re incredible-and also incredibly creepy.

Imagine ringing a doorbell and looking forward to you to definitely come to the entranceway whenever a 6-1/2-foot tall robot kangaroo comes rolling over the threshold, zips down a flight of stairs at nearly 10 mph and down a snowy hill and in to the parking lot behind you.

Yes, here is the thing nightmares are constructed of. Except that is no kangaroo. Its name is Handle in fact it is completely real.

Handle may be the latest invention from Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts-based engineering and robotics design firm which has created probably the most interesting and, for most, the most frightening-looking machines ever constructed. It released its video of Handle yesterday, highlighting the contraption’s capability to “handle things.”

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These 10 Brands Make It Easier for Veterans to be Franchisees

For 21.2 million U.S. veterans, transitioning into civilian life can present challenges. One struggle is merely finding employment in a labor market which, while improving, continues to be tight. Potential employers might take a shortsighted view when an applicant’s military experience and skills don’t map right to a corporate job description, or whenever a resume carries a gap for military service.

Related: Veterans Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs

Which may be among the reasons many veterans choose to start their own business; actually, an increased percentage of veterans than nonveterans are self-employed. Recent data demonstrates veteran-owned businesses generate $1.2 trillion in sales and employ 5.8 million workers.

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These 9 Small Companies Offer Cool and Enticing Benefits. You Can, Too

Airline travel as a worker benefit? A vacation budget plus paid time of? A weekly employee lunch? Bet you want you worked there.

Airline travel as a worker benefit? A vacation budget plus paid time of?

They are just some of the huge benefits Rentec Direct president Nathan Miller offers his staff. "What we do is offer an airline budget which allows the employee-plus-immediate family to visit beyond the U.S. and see something new," Miller explained.

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Is Taylor Swift TOO LARGE to Fail?

After years of political silence, the singer went public with a big statement.

Taylor Swift probably realized that leaving a blank space on her behalf political beliefs wasn’t doing much on her behalf reputation (we’re not sorry).

Along with a black-and-white polaroid of the singer, Swift took to Instagram this week to endorse some Tennessee Democratic candidates, Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives. She also urged her 112 million followers to join up to vote so that you can take part in the midterm elections.

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IS PROSPEROUS Entrepreneurship Nature or Nurture? It’s Both. HOWEVER, NOT Really.

When you imagine of a business owner, who do you picture? Do you imagine a stereotypical successful entrepreneur with a company handshake, a bold personality, ample social charm and a larger-than-life attitude?

Just about everyone has this picture, at least partially, because many entrepreneurs do exhibit these qualities. It’s no secret that successful entrepreneurs share many qualities, including a amount of charisma and high degrees of energy. You’ve probably identified people within your own life who might make good entrepreneurs, and it’s likely you have even used or agreed with the theory that someone could possibly be “born to be a business owner.”

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Is ‘Tanning Mom’ Another Setback for Sunbed Industry?

The U.S. indoor tanning industry, already chapped over a ten percent tax imposed by the federal health-reform law, now faces renewed demands tighter regulation amid publicity surrounding New Jersey’s so-called tanning mom.

The case of tanning customer Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, N.J., a leather-toned woman charged with taking her 5-year-old daughter in the tanning bed, may lift the efforts of a Canadian lawmaker to get a ban on indoor tanning for children and youths.

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