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Here’s Another Scary Reason to LOG OFF THE SOFA and Move

You should stand up because of this. Sitting on your own keister for too much time too often not merely increases your threat of obesity, coronary attack, diabetes and even cancer — in addition, it wreaks havoc on your own liver.

A recently available study shows that remaining seated for extended stretches of time — at your desk, before the boob tube, on a plane, a train or anywhere — puts you at considerable risk for liver disease. Specifically, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), that no standard treatment currently exists. We don’t just like the sound of it either.

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Here is a Clever Marketing Tactic so you can get the Attention of A large number of People

When everybody is watching or discussing a similar thing, tweet your way in to the action.

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Injecting your articles into trending news could be a great tool to improve your exposure and following, but be cautious — it could make or break your strategy. Understand how to "newsjack" properly before aiming upon this risky, yet rewarding method of promotion.

What’s newsjacking?

Newsjacking is benefiting from another big story or breaking news by incorporating it directly into your articles. It’s pretty popular and it’s clear why: whenever you will find a trending hashtag on social media or a spike in looks for articles about another big story, your articles has a potential for getting back in front of the individuals who otherwise wouldn’t see your messages.

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Hack the Formula for Success With Better Decision Making

As a business owner, you have limited time and resources. And that means you must make well-informed decisions that invite action and let you accomplish a few goals simultaneously.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, producer J.J. Abrams and singer-songwriter Skrillex were all relatively unknown before they shortened their paths to success, by leveraging what that they had to produce a greater impact with their actions and re-engineering the momentum to understand long-term results.

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Hack PR for Your Startup With These 5 Tools

Apparently, you can hack anything nowadays. I just read articles that taught me 9 Hacks to Making a Sandwich Faster. (Don’t ask why I read it, it just sucked me in. Plus, who doesn’t want to consume anything sooner?)

Press is cool because you never know who’s likely to read or view it. The proper press can do wonders for your startup. You need to use it to create mass exposure, leverage it for more press also to build company credibility.

I’ve some friends that landed on TechCrunch, and during that press, they were in a position to land a seven-figure investment from an extremely notable venture capitalist in the Valley (that is obviously the exception, not typical).

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7 Steps to lessen Your Taxes by 10-40% Permanently

These tactics can can truly add up to millions in tax savings over an eternity.

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To greatly help entrepreneurs maximize tax savings and build long-term wealth, every school ought to be teaching their students these seven tax tips in financial education classes. As millions go back-to-school, almost all never learn these details in home economics and business courses. And because taxes are anyone’s greatest expense, a class upon this topic should be necessary for every senior high school and scholar.

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7 Steps to Quickly Becoming an Influential Expert in virtually any Field

Developing the relationships you must succeed can not be done when you are self-absorbed and transactional.

Developing highly influential work is an activity which can be mastered. Not merely mastered, this process could be replicated over and over.

In line with the number 1 writer on in 2016, Benjamin Hardy, “You need to learn what your objective is. Knowing that, you must know who happens to be accomplishing your objective near the top of the overall game.”

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7 Steps to get ready Your Company for an Acquisition

When a business owner decides it’s time to market her company, it’s hard to learn where to start. With so many legal and financial steps to check out, it usually is an overwhelming task to control and continue.

When going right through the 2013 acquisition of my company, Sonicbids, I learned some important do’s and don’ts that matter when going right through the acquisition process.

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These 10 Brands Make It Easier for Veterans to be Franchisees

For 21.2 million U.S. veterans, transitioning into civilian life can present challenges. One struggle is merely finding employment in a labor market which, while improving, continues to be tight. Potential employers might take a shortsighted view when an applicant’s military experience and skills don’t map right to a corporate job description, or whenever a resume carries a gap for military service.

Related: Veterans Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs

Which may be among the reasons many veterans choose to start their own business; actually, an increased percentage of veterans than nonveterans are self-employed. Recent data demonstrates veteran-owned businesses generate $1.2 trillion in sales and employ 5.8 million workers.

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