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Here’s Another Scary Reason to LOG OFF THE SOFA and Move

You should stand up because of this. Sitting on your own keister for too much time too often not merely increases your threat of obesity, coronary attack, diabetes and even cancer — in addition, it wreaks havoc on your own liver.

A recently available study shows that remaining seated for extended stretches of time — at your desk, before the boob tube, on a plane, a train or anywhere — puts you at considerable risk for liver disease. Specifically, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), that no standard treatment currently exists. We don’t just like the sound of it either.

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Here is a New Way to handle Angry Online Customers

We you live in an environment of ever-increasing speed where businesses can’t help but turn into a bit more transactional. With a wide variety of ways for clients to attain us today, we need to be watching and hearing what seems as an endless number of channels for social and traditional communication. Because so many choices can be found to us, we, as businesses, can also explore customer support beyond the traditional telephone call and online support.

While businesses have always had to cope with dissatisfied customers, the introduction of Internet, social media and mobile has completely changed just how they share their complaints. People no more use private calls, letters or long emails to be heard. Instead, they broadcast your failure as a brand in big, bold letters on multilple web sites — be it a Facebook status, a forum thread or a post. This type of sharing could cause immeasurable harm to a brand.

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Here is a Clever Marketing Tactic so you can get the Attention of A large number of People

When everybody is watching or discussing a similar thing, tweet your way in to the action.

Free Book Preview Ultimate Guide to SOCIAL MEDIA

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Injecting your articles into trending news could be a great tool to improve your exposure and following, but be cautious — it could make or break your strategy. Understand how to "newsjack" properly before aiming upon this risky, yet rewarding method of promotion.

What’s newsjacking?

Newsjacking is benefiting from another big story or breaking news by incorporating it directly into your articles. It’s pretty popular and it’s clear why: whenever you will find a trending hashtag on social media or a spike in looks for articles about another big story, your articles has a potential for getting back in front of the individuals who otherwise wouldn’t see your messages.

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Steve Careers once famously said, “persons don’t know what they need until you exhibit it to them.” But if recent tech record is certainly any indication, the opposite could be true. Pivoting predicated on what your visitors want could drive explosive expansion.

For a few companies, pivoting is an extremely natural method. Groupon is a wonderful case in point. When Andrew Mason introduced THE IDEA as a nonprofit Kickstarter, he previously to believe of ways to monetize. Crowdsourcing was the all natural alternative, and Groupon quickly emerged as The Point’s incredibly profitable successor. How have Mason develop this idea? He taken notice of what his buyers wanted.

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Is ‘Tanning Mom’ Another Setback for Sunbed Industry?

The U.S. indoor tanning industry, already chapped over a ten percent tax imposed by the federal health-reform law, now faces renewed demands tighter regulation amid publicity surrounding New Jersey’s so-called tanning mom.

The case of tanning customer Patricia Krentcil of Nutley, N.J., a leather-toned woman charged with taking her 5-year-old daughter in the tanning bed, may lift the efforts of a Canadian lawmaker to get a ban on indoor tanning for children and youths.

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