Here is a Dog Collar That Lets Humans Train Man’s Best Friend From Anywhere

Let’s face it, running a dog is a significant commitment. They constantly need our attention and care. And we wish to know where they are and what they’re up to always. If Fido is gnawing on my slippers again…

Very good news: You can now monitor your pup, and even bark commands to him from afar because of WÜF, a fresh, two-way communication “smart” dog collar. Insert sigh of relief.

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The most recent & most comprehensive in an evergrowing variety of connected pet trackers, WÜF sticks out from the pack due to one very smart feature — two-way audio. Finally, a dog collar that enables you to speak to — and train and play with, well, virtually, at least — your pup from anywhere, also to pay attention to him, too.

WÜF Collars

The mutual communication magic happens utilizing a companion app and a microphone-speaker combo embedded in the rugged collar. You’ll receive alerts on a companion app from WÜF whenever your pet is, uh-oh, “barking a whole lot, crying, whining, growling or whimpering unexpectedly.” And, since it would be torture to hear all that drooly doggy talk from a long way away without being in a position to respond, the app also enables you to squawk back.

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Consider the cute conversations you’ll have with Fido. “Hey, Buddy, I’ll be home soon. Be considered a good boy.” Wuff, sniffle, pant. Kinda sweet, actually. If WÜF were paired with a webcam — sadly, it’s not — we imagine the owner-pet verbal exchanges will be a little less endearing. “Hey, stop chewing on my shoes! Drop it! Bad dog! No peeing on the carpet!”

On a significant note, co-founder and CEO Sean Kelly created the waterproof/shockproof/bite-proof collar after he lost his dog Roxy. She ran off to chase a squirrel and was fatally struck by an automobile. That’s why he built-in GPS tracking ability, though geolocation only scratches the top of many other cool tricks the collar pulls off.

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Dealing with the app and built with a grip of high-tech parts (a microprocessor, an accelerometer, a lithium-polymer battery and Bluetooth, 2G and 3G cellular components), the collar monitors your dog’s general health and activity levels, enables you to remotely play with and train your pet using customizable programs and even can help you keep your dog in a invisible “geofence” perimeter around your yard.

Have a look at WÜF doing his thing. Just do not drool:

Don’t worry, there are no shocks associated with freaky WÜF’s “invisible leash” feature. It depends on nice, gentle two-way audio, collar vibration and an included “advanced clicker training” program. It warns your pet to “Stop!” “Listen!” and “Seriously back to you to acquire a treat or affection.”

WÜF is on Kickstarter now, with just shy of per month to go. Up to now, the project is approximately a third of the best way to its $50,000 goal. Gray or orange WÜF collars are for sale to pre-order for pledges of $99 or more, depending on the degree of cush puppy perks included (WÜF logo-d tennis balls, T-shirts, etc.). Appears like a barking good time.

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