Here’s Another Scary Reason to LOG OFF THE SOFA and Move

You should stand up because of this. Sitting on your own keister for too much time too often not merely increases your threat of obesity, coronary attack, diabetes and even cancer — in addition, it wreaks havoc on your own liver.

A recently available study shows that remaining seated for extended stretches of time — at your desk, before the boob tube, on a plane, a train or anywhere — puts you at considerable risk for liver disease. Specifically, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), that no standard treatment currently exists. We don’t just like the sound of it either.

The sobering news, published in the Journal of Hepatology, comes out of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in South Korea. There, researchers discovered that study participants who loafed on the duffs for 10 or even more hours each day had a nine percent higher threat of developing NAFLD than those that sat around for less than five hours each day.


If you’re the average American worker (we sit back and work about 13 hours a day), this may be your wakeup call. Hello?! Sitting may be the new smoking. You have to know that right now.

Equally depressing is that the findings also indicate that routine exercise alone probably isn’t enough to counteract medical risks of being a complete couch (or office chair) spud. Now it would appear that sitting less is simply as vital that you squashing “Sitting Disease” as is regularly as breaking a sweat.

Up to 140,000 Korean people, with the average age of 40 years old, participated in the analysis. Of these, 35 percent were identified as having NAFLD via ultrasound.

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With so few medications open to treat the disease, the very best prescription for the present time is busting a move. A complete of 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly, or 10,000 steps a day, must do the secret, says Michael Trenell. The professor of metabolism and lifestyle at Newcastle University in England penned an editorial that appeared alongside the analysis in the Journal of Hepatology.

Lest you forget how important your trusty liver is, here’s an instant refresher. The large, rust-colored gland, saved in the upper right portion of your abdomen, may be the biggest solid organ within your body. Get right up off your seat and show the big daddy some respect because it’s a purifying powerhouse that works triple duty. It dutifully strains toxins out of your blood, stockpiles energy by means of glycogen and pumps out an integral digestive liquid called bile. When the liver fails, well, you don’t even wish to know.

In order to avoid learning in the worst way, don’t take the startling study findings prone. Operate and fight “Sitting Disease” like so:

Endure work.

There are many standing desks to select from, even leaning and “breathing” desks. In the event that you (or your boss) won’t spring for just about any of these, get crafty and improvise. Simply place your personal computer or laptop on a tall counter or table, stand tall and get cranking.

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Walk and talk.

Get right up and stroll around when you take calls at work, obviously on a cordless phone and ideally without disturbing your coworkers.

Meet on the road.

Hold walking meetings. You’ll squeeze some calorie-burning cardio into your busy day and simultaneously team build in a great, active way. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Entrepreneur’s own Steve Tobak can be purchased upon this growing trend. Steve Jobs was also a fan of the moving meeting.

Toil on a treadmill.

Focusing on a treadmill desk (or on a typical treadmill rigged to carry a laptop) does double duty. Requiring mental and physical agility, it works your brain as well as your body. What’s more, one recent study showed that focusing on treadmill can actually increase your productivity. To minimize the chance of injury, please tread lightly.

Pose just like a yogi.

Start and say om and do some light yoga at your desk. Operate and bend, twist and stretch a few times an hour. Doing this improves circulation, chases away tension, poor posture and the blues. No yoga mat required. To begin with, try these simple, restorative desk asanas, thanks to Yoga Journal. Who knows? Maybe you’re coworkers will wonder why you’re impersonating a pretzel and interact the fun.

Whatever you do, get right up, stand up. Operate for your daily life.

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