These 9 Small Companies Offer Cool and Enticing Benefits. You Can, Too

Airline travel as a worker benefit? A vacation budget plus paid time of? A weekly employee lunch? Bet you want you worked there.

Airline travel as a worker benefit? A vacation budget plus paid time of?

They are just some of the huge benefits Rentec Direct president Nathan Miller offers his staff. "What we do is offer an airline budget which allows the employee-plus-immediate family to visit beyond the U.S. and see something new," Miller explained.

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While Miller has researched and found an ideal benefits for his particular team, many smaller businesses have a problem with bettering their own packages. Actually, 21 percent of just one 1,750 small enterprises contacted in a 2016 Manta poll said that they felt pressure to boost their employee benefits package.

But, with a little bit of creativity, even small companies can provide big benefits that allow their companies to supply a positive employee experience. Here’s how nine small companies I contacted do that:

Ditto PR

Number of employees: 9. Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Benefit: Mandatory vacations each quarter

"I really believe giving unlimited vacation doesn’t mean employees will necessarily take it. Every quarter, I mandate [that] employees devote some time off because I really believe employees need to get from the office so as to stay happy and productive," said CEO Trey Ditto.

Ditto also offers its MVP Award. Each year, one deserving employee gets a paid vacation of their choice as an extra "many thanks."

House of Travel

Number of employees: 21. Headquarters: Aventura, Fla.


  • Great healthcare

  • Paid trips

"We pay full insurance for all employees, their spouses and their children. Plus, we pay $2,500 towards their deductible over four quarters," said Jerry Lang, House Of Travel’s president. "Despite the fact that that is our second largest expense — approximately $220,000 each year — we always felt it had been the right move to make."

Along with healthcare perks, the business believes in practicing what it preaches. Said Lang: "Since we certainly are a travel agency, we encourage our employees to visit, and we pay all expenses for a fresh location. With all employees’ trips combined, we’ve visited over 100 countries."

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Litzky PR

Number of employees: 25. Headquarters: Hoboken, NJ

Benefit: More time off for wedding ceremony planning

A decade ago, Litzky PR had six brides on its staff in a single year. On the way, President and owner Michele Litzky realized how challenging it had been for employees to plan their big days and concentrate on completing work. So, she took action: Now, brides and grooms-to-be at Litzky PR receive a supplementary five paid vacation days to greatly help ease stressful planning.

"Planning for a wedding could be a job alone, so I recognize that maintaining a good work-life balance throughout that time period could be stressful," said Litzky. "Never again did I wish to put my team’s work or employee happiness in danger — especially since it’s the most important times of their life."

Mystery Tackle Box

Number of employees: 27. Headquarters: Chicago

Benefit: Team and individual "outdoor days"

Celia Bernheim, head of individuals at Mystery Tackle Box, offers associates "Outdoor Days" — an advantage tied directly to the business mission: rescuing folks from the indoors.

"Every year, our employees may take three individual Outdoor Days to accomplish anything they choose, given that it really is outdoors," said Bernheim. "You could go fishing, swimming, dog sledding — you name it!"

North 6th Agency

Number of employees: 45. Headquarters: NEW YORK

Benefit: "The Wheel of Perks"

At North 6th Agency, employees who reach CEO Matt Rizzetta’s set of customer satisfaction goals reach spin what employees call "the Wheel of Perks" and win something grand. Earlier this April, the agency went far beyond and will accordingly get a one-month sabbatical in 2018.

"As our company has gotten bigger, it had been important to me to start out developing perks that brought together the complete company and helped show our staff that people were all in this together," said Rizzetta.

Online Optimism

Number of employees: 9. Headquarters: New Orleans

Benefit: Team lunches

While it isn’t uncommon for employers to flip the bill on business lunches, Online Optimism takes benefit of the fantastic food in New Orleans and springs for a worker lunch at a fresh location every week.

"As a fresh Orleans business, we decided in early stages to take pleasure from, as a company, the very best damn food city on the globe," said founder and CEO Flynn Zaiger. So, since growing the business to two different people — and today well beyond that number, "We’ve celebrated every Friday by firmly taking our whole staff out to an area restaurant," he said.


Number of employees: 30. Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Benefit: A cover fun, for remote employees

PaperStreet understands the need for having fun at work. However, the business recently realized that remote employees were feeling overlooked of company activities.

Sally Kane, content director of PaperStreet, said, "In February, we started offering remote employees a budget to accomplish fun things. By the end of March, we payed for a dinner for four employees inside our Pittsburgh office."


Number of employees: 20. Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Benefit: Monthly Starbucks allowance

Sometimes, it is the simple, but meaningful employee benefits that may brighten employees’ days. Postali’s leaders show employees it cares by supplying a monthly Starbucks allowance.

"It’s one less thing I must consider as I start my day," said brand "awareness manager Amy Shropshire.. "Most mornings, I want a sit down elsewhere before I’m awake enough to create coffee; so having someone just hand me a cup on my way in saves my day,"

Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group

Number of employees: 25. Headquarters: Seattle, WA.

Benefit: The " Joy Fund"

Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group’s "Joy Fund," a $50-a-month per-employee allowance, allows associates to spend the amount of money to bring another person happiness.

From books to concert tickets, employees have already been creative with their gifts. Sometimes, they even bring their funds together for a great deal larger, more meaningful gifts.

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"Among we members was having trouble in her personal life. She’s an individual mom with two sons and casually mentioned to a colleague that her house was chaos, but she had virtually no time or energy to completely clean it," said Cindy Larson, operations manager at the business. "The complete company pooled together to get a house-cleaning service on her behalf. Whenever we handed her the certificate, she cried."